Marvel Girl Lasso Drawing 20 mins.

So I wanted to play around with only creating shapes for characters using the lasso tool in Photoshop. I came up with this quick one of Jean Grey in her Marvel Girl costume.  Hope you enjoy 😉


3 thoughts on “Marvel Girl Lasso Drawing 20 mins.

  1. Hi Edward/Mr.Taylor/Eddie?
    Just wanted to make time to let you know how much I’m enjoying your posts. Great line work and character formation. All your work is so fluid and engaging… in short, its’ great!

    1. Thanks Ian 😀

      I appreciate the compliment. When I started the blog I was afraid of showing any work. I guess its a common problem for many artists.

      Thanks again, and friends call me Eddie;)

      Till my next post. . .

      1. I think it is. Most of us seem to suffer with diminished self-confidence, but glad you did decide to show your work, it’s brilliant!
        Look forward to the next post… Eddie 🙂

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