Edwardian Taylor  has always loved to draw.  It even came to a point that his parents would hide his crayons from him because when he was out of paper he would draw all over his bedroom walls.  He got familiar with the uses of cleaning supplies at an early age, but this never kept him from drawing.

Because his father was in the military and had to move a lot, drawing for Edwardian has been a constant companion.  One that always helped him win over friends no matter where he lived.  From Hawaii, California, New York, and Texas, Edward kept on drawing.  In High School he competed and won many local, state, and national recognitions in drawing, painting, and editorial cartooning. Later he went on to get his BFA in Drawing and Painting & BA in Psychology from the University of North Texas.  In 2011, Edwardian received his MFA in Arts and Technology from the University of Texas at Dallas, focusing on 3D Visual FX. After graduating, he stayed on to teach several intro classes at UTD, while furthering his education online with CGMA to learn about 2D Character Design and Visual Development.

Currently, Edwardian works full time for Netflix working as a senior concept artist for videogames.  But he also does quite a bit of freelance on the side for animation studios.  Some of Edwardian’s visual development/ character design clients include: NBC Universal, Disney, Nickelodeon, Sesame Studios, Reelfx/ATKPLN, Spin Masters Studio, Silvergate Media, Gaumont Studios Dreamworks TV and Netflix.

Edwardian is also a children’s illustrator, who is represented by The Bright Group International/ The Bright Group USA.  His first book “RACE!” written by Sue Douglass Fliess, premiered in July of 2017.  “It’s Not Jack and the Beanstalk” written by Josh Funk, premiered September of 2017. It’s spinoff “It’s Not Hansel and Gretel” , premiered March 2019.  His third book, is a series with author Brian Lynch,  “Toy Academy: Some Assembly Required |Book1”, premiered January 2018. And its sequel, “Toy Academy: Ready for Action |Book 2″, premiered January 2019. The third book in the Its Not series, “It’s Not Little Red Riding Hood” written by Josh Funk, premiered October of 2020. “Goldibooks and the Wee Bear”, written by Troy Wilson premiered January 2021. My first holiday book, “Hey! You’re Not Santa”, written by Ethan T. Berlin premiered September 2021.  And the fourth book in the It’s Not series, “It’s Not the Three Little Pigs, written by Josh Funk, premiers November 2022.

While being a workaholic and keeping himself busy, Edwardian enjoys reading massive amounts of comic books, along with drinking massive amounts of coffee.  With all this caffeine, Edwardian is available for freelance work.  How else will he be able to afford these two expensive addictions?  If your interested in visual development freelancing, please message Edwardian on his “Contact Me” page.  For illustration, please contact any of his three main agents:

  • James  james.burns@thebrightagency.com
  • Alex    alex@brightgroupinternational.com
  • Nicky  nicky@brightgroupinternational.com


Represented by:


3 thoughts on “About

  1. haha, you got me laughing, awesome bio, look forward to seeing more of your art. Peace and Love, J.A.M.

  2. Awesome work. Always great to run into fellow UTD alumni (graduated 2010 from ATEC). From the look of the character design stuff you’re posting, I take it you have Barnes as your professor?

    1. Thanks :D. Lol yeah I took Bruce for Storyboarding and Pre Production. It’s funny I started ATEC to be a 3D artist and come out wanting to work in 2D. But I found that learning 3D has helped me understand how concept development is important in all other aspects of the pipeline and how to keep that in mind in my character designs.

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