Pokemon Gijinka Collaboration

pokemon_characters_workingfile pokemon_characters_tauros pokemon_characters_swinub pokemon_characters_staryu

These are some of the character redesigns I was able to do for the Pokemon Gijinka Collaboration.  I didn’t want to do the usual female Gijinka characters people usually do.  I wanted to do it to allow me to create a new character based of the look and qualities of the original Pokemon they were based off of.

My First Pokemon Creation

My First Pokemon Creation

Today’s Sketch Dailies had us creating our own Pokemon. Not an avid game player I had to do some research on the types of Pokemon out there. I decided to try a plant/fairy type pokemon inspired by a dandelion. So Begerm is the early evolution where they float around like the seeds of a dandelion. Than it evolves to become Blumbudd which I would imagine would hide its bulb under ground while the flower is used to gather sun rays for energy. It uses the leaves on the sides of its head to hover if in trees. Then the final evolution is Florette which grows to have poisonous tendrils with thorns. Not needing wings she can float with her flower petals on her head. I had a another final final evolution with a queen, but I ran out of time lol Maybe she’ll appear in another future illustration cause she’s pretty cool.