Uncertainty and the Optimist

I have to say that when I freak myself out, I need Jamey to help ground me.  After graduation, and the art position I had applied for with Reel fx was dropped from this round of the RFXU semester, I started to feel as if there was no direction for me.  A goal to try to shoot for.  Sure, I have Cauldron Bubbles to focus on, however I had hoped that something would come along.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working as a visual merchandiser at IKEA.  However, I had always had dreams that I would get to make a career out of something I enjoy and have always loved- drawing.

During my winter break, Jamey took me and our teenage non-related son Sean to Disney World.  I always love going.  I find so much inspiration in not only the park, but watching the people who also come.  I really kicked myself for not buying a mini sketch pad during those times when we waited in line or sat down for snacks or meals.  I could of come back with some awesome character sketches.  But I did come back with this fresh inspiration, along with a head cold.  Before we left for this trip, Jamey told me that I needed to let go of all those worries I had and try to have fun.  I did.

When we got back, I was asked to be an Assistant Professor at UTD.  Since I taught classes as a TA, I figured that it wouldn’t really be any different.  So having this will help me financially.  Now as this year starts, I promised myself a few things.  One, that I will try to take better care of myself and start working out again.  I have put on a few pounds this year.  Also, to take time with my drawing and art.  I still have the Spellbook that I wanted to have published, so this is another outlet to keep me busy.  The last one was to try to spend more time with Jamey, Sean, and hopefully my family more.

For those who are following me through this journey, thank you.

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