End of Graduate School and 2011

UTD, this has been a wonderful adventure. . . Granted, it feels like its just begun.  I remembered walking into Chip’s office four years ago wanting to start ATEC as an undergrad.  He convinced me that I needed to be there as a grad student since I already had two degrees.  But the one thing that he said that I will openly admit that he was right about was when he told me that through my studies, I will find more beyond video games.  I had originally planned on just studying game design, but fell in love equally to 3D Animation and Concept Development.  3D allowed me an avenue for artistic expression never imagined.  Concept Development reminded me of how much I missed making art.  Still, I believe this would only make me a stronger artist even if I pursued games or animation.

When I had graduated from UNT with my undergraduate degrees, I lost who I was as an artist.  My purpose was unclear.  Why would I continue making art if I had no purpose.  Yet I found it at ATEC.  Who would of imagined four years later I would discover this whole exciting world waiting for me.  Not only am I illustrating my very first book with my partner of 12 years, but also I’ll have a completed animated short which I developed on my own and had a team of great people involved to help it become reality.

So for those of my friends that are graduating with me today from ATEC, I wish you all the best of luck.  Some of you I will still continue to see and work with through the completion of “Cauldron Bubbles”.  I hope to someday get to work with these talented people in the future.  Who knows when our paths may cross again.

With this new year approaching, I’m looking forward to further development, discoveries, and accomplishments.  Here’s to a productive and wondrous 2011, and welcome the new excitement of 2012.

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