A Character Design A Day Project

A Character Design A Day Project

So this year I decided to start a little experiment. Since I tried out the Inktober last year, I wanted to do one of my own. The idea came from another fellow artist Karoline Pietrowski. So the idea is that each day I would do a quick character design based off a full body picture and a personality description that is provided by volunteers.

My first one of the year is Brooklyn: female, age 2. She is feisty. Full of energy and loves to play. She loves to sing and play with dinosaurs.

Everyday I will draw someone (anyone) that requests to be drawn. They don’t have to be people I know, but they must be aware of the rules. Now these are the criteria:

1. I need a full body (preferably clothed picture of yourself, I know I have some funny friends out there that might test the water on this). Make sure it’s clear and I can see your face. Don’t send me just your headshot. Full body photo for reference.
2. I need a short description of your personality. For example: age, gender (yes I’m asking for that as well), occupation, etc. anything really to help me figure you out better when I pose or give you a facial expression.
3. Are not afraid or offended that I may exaggerate features that I may find to be important to shape and form.
4. Make sure to private message me on fb https://www.facebook.com/EdwardTaylor or email me edwardiantaylor@gmail.com for any questions or to provide me with the needed picture and basic information. Please do not send me long bio of your entire life. lol

Remember this is an experiment that I hope I can do each day (maybe as my daily warm ups).

Let’s see who volunteers. Thanks guys!

Just Playing Catchup After the Holidays

Just Playing Catchup After the Holidays 1501700_10151886542794912_1406271765_n 1511037_10151907567184912_213414059_n 1505247_10151905662529912_1436260112_n 1499427_10151901658614912_1165513349_n 1460119_10151884874664912_2085851916_n 1174576_10151905118099912_1988058898_n 999927_10151886542734912_681964204_n 603927_10151901658564912_765404752_n


















Okay with the craziness of the holidays, I totally forgot to post some of the sketches in my sketchbook. I’m usually on top of posting my work in Instagram and Tumbler (edwardiantaylor). So if you wanna follow me there, thats where I usually post stuff. Thanks again for all your support for the past year. I’ve learned a ton within this last year, and I look forward to another year of learning and growth. Thanks everyone!

The entire Inktober 2013 in one image

The entire Inktober 2013 in one image

Unfortunately I was not able to complete the entire month of #inktober. I knew this was going to happen since my Character Design Class with Brett Bean started the last week. Hopefully next year I’ll have a completed month along with drawings I could possibly sell. Thanks everyone for following me on Twitter and Instagram.