Alberto Ruiz Drawing Challenge

Albert Ruiz Drawing Challenge

This probably the first real piece that I’ve completed in the new year. ¬†It took me about 2 hours. ¬†Alberto Ruiz is an artist and he sets up drawing contests with the use of model images. Since I’m trying to get more comfortable with color and less on line work I decided to try it out. Here is my submission for this months contest. All done with one single standard brush in Photoshop. I hope you enjoy.

Randomness 3

As I’m working on Animations, sitting in meetings, or planning stuff at work, I’ve kept my sketchbook or a scrap piece of paper in front of me. ¬†Some interesting things happen while doodling. ¬†Lots of it is fleshing out ideas for projects I’m kind of juggling at the moment or will be working on. . . once school lets down. ¬†Hope you enjoy.