The Misadventures of Samurai and Eddie: Leash Training Your Dragon”

This was one I had started at the beginning of the New Year.  Since it was the year of the Dragon, I figured I would start a new Misadventure with this theme.  The initial idea was the same, but the original drawing was just missing something. So starting on it, I realized that I was just not feeling it.  I finished the background, but not the characters.  Last week I took another knack at it, this time I went with something a bit different for the dragon design.  Hope you Enjoy it 😉

Going back and restarting an old project.


So I was working on my layout for the next Misadventure illustration with my movie monster theme, and I came across a piece I started in the beginning of the year.  I looked at it and wondered why I stopped and only finished the background.  So I went back and started editing the original drawing and came up with a bit more personalities in the characters, and decided to give Samurai more of a dog in the car window look.  I mirrored this with the dragon with his tongue out too.  But here is a little preview of what I’ve done.  And yes, I decided that this dragon has fur . . . “Neverending Story” throw back.