The Imagined Book Cover 2022 Pt.1

The Imagined Book Cover 2022 Challenge took place in November, but I had only caught it when it was halfway through. I really wanted to participate but I was working on other projects and could not fit it in my schedule. However, I did do a lot of thinking about the prompts for this challenge. Since I’m on holiday break from work and I don’t have any illustration projects or freelancing currently (which is rare so I’m taking advantage of this down time) I decided to get as many of these done before I start getting busy again.

Prompt 1: “The Three Sisters”: I knew I wanted to do a more modern YA cover look to this one with the three sisters in the tweens to early teens, but as witches. This one was a lot to work on.

I’m skipping to this next prompt cause I started sketching this when I found the challenge. Prompt 4. “The King, the Trombone and The Monkey”: Simplicity was the key for me on this one. Focused only on the three things on the title. I had imagined that the King was an opera singer and that the monkey would play the trombone for the King to sing to. Perhaps the King went through the kingdom looking for the right musician and instrument to duet with lol

As time permits, I’ll try to get to the other prompts on the list. If you search for #TheImaginedBookCover2022, you’ll be sure to find other amazing artists that actually did it on the week it came out and the list for the prompts for each mock book cover.

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