“It’s Not Little Red Riding Hood” Cover Reveal!



It’s here! The official cover for IT’S NOT LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD – available for preorder now (out 10.27.20), revealed exclusively by @hereweeread (everyone follow her for amazing book suggestions). http://hereweeread.com/2020/01/cover-reveal-its-not-little-red-riding-hood-by-josh-funk.html
Here’s a little about the book: Little Red likes to play by the rules. So when the narrator comes along and asks her to follow the story set out in her fairy tale, she grabs the basket for Grandma and goes. After all, she loves her Grandma.
But as Little Red attempts to follow the narrator’s directions (WHICH, FRANKLY, SEEM KIND OF DANGEROUS!), she is beset by fill-in characters, confusing instructions, and even a fierce battle! Will Little Red ever make it to Grandma’s house? And who will she find when she gets there?
Complete with some unusual guest appearances, this laugh-out-loud Little Red Riding Hood retelling will have kids giggling all the way to Grandma’s house!
This is the third book in the “It’s Not a Fairy Tale” series following IT’S NOT JACK AND THE BEANSTALK and IT’S NOT HANSEL AND GRETEL (both available now).


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