Its a Different Type of Meatloaf

So finally I got to finishing my last of the Pet Demon Trio: Meatloaf.  I had made a few changes from his original drawing, but I’m happy with the end result.  Although I’m done with these guys, I may continue with my furry creature creations in the future.  It was a good exercise in fur again.


The Misadventures of Samurai and Eddie: Leash Training Your Dragon”

This was one I had started at the beginning of the New Year.  Since it was the year of the Dragon, I figured I would start a new Misadventure with this theme.  The initial idea was the same, but the original drawing was just missing something. So starting on it, I realized that I was just not feeling it.  I finished the background, but not the characters.  Last week I took another knack at it, this time I went with something a bit different for the dragon design.  Hope you Enjoy it 😉

She’s quite the Wicked Witch

So its been awhile since my last post.  I’ve been working on getting things more organized in my portfolio site.  I’m hoping that with the new portfolio and my recent work all organized that I might be one step closer to finding a job.  Fingers crossed.  But here is another one of my movie monsters for the Misadventure of Samurai and Eddie.  Its my version of a witch.  Not anyone one specific, but one that came to me while I was doodling in my sketchbook.  Enjoy!

Princess the Other Pet Demon for Spellbook Page

Here is Princess.  As you can see she is other than that, so don’t let the pink, purple, and white fur fool you.  She’s another pet demon for the Spellbook page that I’m illustrating.  This one took some time since I’m working on my illustrations on and off when I’m not working.  Hope you enjoy her as much as it was for me creating her.