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“Cauldron Bubbles” 2011 Pre Production/ Concept Development

Pre-Production for my Graduate Final Animation “Cauldron Bubbles.

For this graduate final project I worked with my Pre-Production mentor Bruce Barnes to come up and develop one of my stories I’ve been working on. I had several I wanted to see in Production but this one stood out to me because of the characters. Because of the gravity of the project Bruce thought it would be a good experience for me to create a team to help me in Production. The experience of leading a team through this production would prove to be a valuable asset when I apply for work.  I’m excited to present “Cauldron Bubbles.”

The Production Team Roster (First Team)

Edward Taylor - Director, concept and storyboard artist, layout artist, art director, lead modeler. I will also be working on some voice acting, texturing, and animation.  I will also be working on credits, rendering and compositing in post production.
Divya Ghatrazu- Directing assistant II, co-lead in lighting, lead texturing artist, and rendering and compositing.
Dan Trihn- Lead layout, directing assistant III, and will also animation lead.
Bryan Martin- Environment modeler and special effects.
Ken Kanipe- Rigging artist.
Ed Whetstone- Character modeling, also a co-lead in lighting, voice acting, musical score, and co-lead compositing.
Nick Shirsty- Like me does a bit of everything.  He will be involved in modeling, texturing, animation, and rendering and co-lead in compositing.
Shantia Grimes- Character modeling, animation, and rendering/compositing.
Vincent Lo- Modeling and texturing.

Additions to the team include:

Steven “Slade” Jansa- Ncloth rigging artist.
David Budd- Animator.
Souphia Ieng- Animator and animation clean up artist.
Jason Lukowicz- Rendering and compositing.
Ricardo Orellana- Modeling and texturing.
MacKenzie Wall- Animator.
Alyssa Lee- Rigging artist.
Crystal Leal- Texturing
Chris Moezzi- Texturing.
Jesse Lemons- Sound Designer.
Dionne Jones- Voice actor and Editor.
Anne Friske- Animator, ncloth animation cleanup artist.

Each of my team members I’ve worked with during the Summer Animation Project, have had a class with, or knew from reputation.  Many of them wanted to be a part of the team based off of the Pre-Production work.  I’m excited to see what we will accomplish with all of us and our combined talents.  I had decided to add members to the roster to help production move faster.

The Animatic

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