“In Bloom” 2010 By: Samantha Bratton and Marcus Shetter

“In Bloom” Written and Directed by Samantha Bratton and Marcus Shetter.

This animation took place in the Summer 2010. My main area of focus was Modeling with participation in the Texturing and Rigging. My Post Production responsibilities was creating the title and the credits.
My role in this animated short was modeling the main character Gus along with the grass assets. I had also worked as the texture artist for the flower, rigging artist for the blend shapes for Gus, and finally I worked on the credits and title.

This experience of the Summer animation gave me a better understanding of the production pipeline, so that I was prepared for the activities that would need to take place for my graduate final project.  These are some rendered examples of the short.  The compositing is still taking place.

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