“Cauldron Bubbles” 2011-2013 By: Edward Taylor

For all Graduate ATEC students, we are expected to work on our Final Graduate Project that showcases our talents and abilities.  Like many others before me I decided I wanted to do an animated short on my own.   I have all the skills that I thought I needed at this point, and what I didn’t know I knew where to find the answers.  But where to start?

PreProduction has always been my strongest asset.  I’ve always loved Story boarding, and Character and Environmental design.  And I’ve had lots of experience in Production in working on leading a team and keeping with timelines.  So it was brought up by my Professors Todd Fechter and Bruce Barnes to create a team and lead them through an entire animation production.  This lead me to not only deciding to go forth with the biggest of my story ideas, but to also create a team of a selective talented pool of ATEC undergrads, grad students, alumni, and other outside artists.

My responsibilities are in: Pre production/concept art, art director, director, producer, lead modeling artist, texture artist, animator, compositor.

“Cauldron Bubbles” was inspired by many things from my childhood.  Its definitely a style that is my own.  The story centers around three very eccentric witches, each with their own personalities.  They get an invitation to a royal ball that they don’t have much time to prepare for, one of them gets the idea to create a potion to make them beautiful.  However after making it they realize there is only enough for one of them.  So after they fight over it, they lose it to their cat Lucky.  I had originally planned the action and animation to be very quick and minimal.  Now that I have a team of 20 people, I can actually go beyond some of the restrictions I had placed on myself in PreProduction.  We’ve been working on all the models and rigs this past Spring 2011 semester, and will continue Production into the Summer with finishing texturing, lighting, and animation.  In the Fall 2012 I plan to focus on wrapping up animation and textures, then start on rendering and composting.  We will continue with a select group from the team to finish off animations, rendering and compositing in the Fall of 2013.

With this finished, I hope that this will be a huge success, for not only my team and I, but for the Arts and Technology Department at UTD.

Cauldron Bubbles Intro

The first shot we completed.  Character Model by:Edward Taylor Environment by: Ricardo Orellana and Bryan Martin, Rig by: Ken Kanipe, Textures by: Divya Ghatrazu, Animation by: Souphia Ieng, and Lighting & Compositing by: Ed Whetstone.

Here are other images during the Pre-Production and Production of the short.

If you are interested in helping us wrap up “Cauldron Bubbles”, we are in need of medium-experienced level Animators, and Lighting, Rendering, and Compositing artists.  If you are interested you can message me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/EdwardTaylor) or drop me a line at edwardiantaylor@gmail.com.  Please if you have examples of your work like a website or demo reel if you can include that I would really appreciate it.

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